Electronic Design

We offer variaty of professional electronic design services.

Cezeri Technology is a trusted company that provides a wide array of Electronic Design Services with over 5 years of experience in the relevant areas of Electronics Design. We provide electronics design for a worldwide customer base including from USA, UK, Germany, Australia, India, Turkey and other countries. With our expertise & proven track record, our customers can rest assured that your product design is in good hands.

Costumized Electronic Design

We design, prototype and develop diverse electronic hardware in a customized and highly precise manner. We are capable of converting your ideas or transform a functional diagram to an electronic circuit or product that can help an electronic device perform its functions. With a team of proficient engineers, we build phenomenal electronic design.

PCB Design

The Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are popularly known as printed circuit boards too. Each electronic device is powered by a PCB. Most of the electronic products have green colored PCBs that builds the basic circuitry of any electronic device. We have expert PCB designers and developers who have experience in designing the circuitry in software tools. Prototyping and assembly of the PCB’s to build diverse electronic solutions. Our services include PCB layout designing, customized prototyping and if you need your schematics diagrams to be converted into a PC, we are equipped to build multilayer PCB’s also.

Reverse Engineering and Re-Engineering Service

Reverse engineering of existing products (e.g. usually based on a competitor’s product)

Reduce manufacturing costs

Modernize obsolete designs to reduce risks

Correct flaws of existing designs

Mechanical Design

We design for most strictly regulated areas such as medical with all these experience we offer mechanical design for your idea or industrialize your existing design.

Mechanical designs are primarily focused on defining solid and surface geometries in 3D CAD modeling and manufacturing drawings. While industrial designs are more inclined towards emphasis on developing designs based on engineering, ergonomics and economics while keeping manufacturability in the center. Our CAD experts and industrial design engineers adhere to these two principles and deliver comprehensive CAD drafting with detailed engineering specifications to develop ideas into products. From CAD modeling to proof of design concepts with FEA and CFD simulations and final shop drawings, our teams deliver onsite and offsite models as per industry standards and design guidelines of DFMA, ASME, BS etc.

Enlisted are the services our mechanical design engineers deliver:

Concept design drafting

Detailed engineering drawings with 2D documentation

3D solid and surface modeling

Value engineering through prototypes

3D CAD modeling for Industry 4.0 support

Data backed designs with engineering analytics

Design automation and CAD customization

Design optimization with FEA and CFD solutions

Reverse engineering services for remanufacturing

Software Development Service

We offer software development services for various field.

We use Arm based microcontroller in daily design pipeline with many target processors and development environments. We have design embedded gui, commutation/connectivity, real time application. With common development practice we offer maintainable, modularized repository for your implementation.

Board Bring-Up

Our embedded engineers can help you test, validate, and debug your hardware prototype as well as prepare your embedded product for the transition to software engineering and manufacturing. Our embedded software development team will create custom testing toolchains to collect and analyze validation data, and diagnose possible hardware faults. To get your board fully operational, we can build/customize an embedded OS, all necessary drivers, and optimize the whole board setup.

Embedded Apps

From bootloaders to the OS kernel, we design embedded software solutions that will get your hardware up and running in no time. Our embedded apps will help you test your electronics system, program it to perform various operations, and get it working with any peripherals and device types.

Embedded OS

Cezeri Technology custom-tailored embedded operating systems that enable the hardware components of a custom device to communicate with software. We also customize popular embedded operating systems: Linux, FreeRTOS.

Product Management Service

We aware the design process of complex product is exhausting even for middle scale company.

Designing a product that will address to consumer or business is quite long run. With all decisions and regulations you want to make important. In such detailed, regulated and elegant case it is always good for talking other professionals. We can help you to find related professionals for your product.