Medical Infusion Pump

The most used and primitive device re-think with modern approach with valuable operators' insights. Designed for harsh environments and cost effectiveness.

In medicine, infusion therapy deals with all aspects of fluid and medication infusion, via intravenous or subcutaneous application. A special infusion pump can be used for this purpose. There are a range of delivery methods for infusion of drugs; electronic pump is most used one. Infusion therapy has a range of medical applications including sedation, anesthesia, post-operative analgesic pain management, chemotherapy, and treatment of infectious diseases. Advantages of infusion therapy over other non-site-specific delivery methodologies are primarily efficacy through precision of medication delivery.

The development phase is done by last quarter of 2021 and open for offers.

Urine Stripe Analysis

The most needed test in medical facilities daily routine is urine analysis. This urine stripe analyzer aims the small medical units with fast, easy usability. With the urine strip analyzer, chemical analysis of urine is done. The design focused on correctness of tests with introduced additional spectrum. Still on development.

The urine stripe analysis is a chemical for human urine sample. Urine chemical analysis is most needed test in medical facilities. Chemical analysis is done with special stripe decorated reagent. These reagents compare digitally with urine analyzer.

The development phase is continued and planned completion date is first quarter of 2022.

Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer

Sediment analyzer is counting the cells, crystals or bacteria in urine. Most automatic urine sediment analyzers design to established big medical facilities. But also, small medical facilities frequently need to run these tests. This device solves this sediment analyzers approachability problems with cost efficient practice. Still on development.

Automated urine technology testing is becoming the standard for providing urinalysis data to clinicians. Centralized laboratories are becoming inadequate for some rural or distant places. For this problem automatic urine sediment analyzer designed with cost, efficiency and usability. System will run on local healthcare facility. Still in development.

The development phase is continued and planned completion date is middle of 2023.

Labratory Infusion Pump

The labratory infusion pump, used in labratory where needed steady flow of liquids. With linear peristaltic pump the steady flow is provided.

The products early prototip is ready and we've used custom application. Waiting for investor for mass production.

Quarantine Tracking System

With the Covid - 19 pandemic our life styles are completely changed. Governors trying implement different regulations for prevent the pandemic. For this use lots of human resource. With this device we offer you to maximize this valuable human resource.

The early prototip is ready and tested in field. Waiting for applicator or investors.