Our Projects

As Cezeri Technology we design work with multiple projects.

Medical Infusion Pump

The most used and primitive device re-think with modern approach with valuable operators' insights. Designed for harsh environments and cost effectiveness. Waiting for investors to fully deploy on market.

Urine Stripe Analyzer

The most needed test in medical facilities daily routine is urine analysis. This urine stripe analyzer aims the small medical units with fast, easy usability. With the urine strip analyzer, chemical analysis of urine is done. The design focused on correctness of tests with introduced additional spectrum. Still on development.

Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer

Sediment analyzer is counting the cells, crystals or bacteria in urine. Most automatic urine sediment analyzers design to established big medical facilities. But also, small medical facilities frequently need to run these tests. This device solves this sediment analyzers approachability problems with cost efficient practice. Still on development.

Quarantine Tracking System

With the Covid - 19 pandemic our life styles are completely changed. Governors trying implement different regulations for prevent the pandemic. For this use lots of human resource. With this device we offer you to maximize this valuable human resource.